Help Needed! No Jab No Pay Legislation Open for Submission

The No jab No Pay Bill is open for community discussion. Current submissions show only negative comments have been submitted.

The Bill itself has many issues and very few of the submissions uploaded at present show any sort of support, nuance, or considered criticism for the Government to take on board other than “vaccines are bad”.

The Alliance is preparing a submission which will suggest further uses for the funding the Government expects to save. Money is not the only reason to vaccinate, and we believe vaccination is an important issue for every person. This level of decision needs to be based on reason and science. We know there are people who fully support the new Bill, just as there are people who support in theory but have problems with the practice, and these voices need to be heard too.

Please click on the links below and add your thoughts to the discussion.

To read the bill click here. 

To upload your submission, click here, and click on “Upload Submission” in the blue button on the right.