Happy Vaccination Photos

One of the key problems we have with media portrayal of children getting their vaccinations is the stock photo of a crying child, or a huge needle, or both! Why not photos of healthy looking children not being sick instead? Or a more accurate picture of the needles used for vaccination? Or more accurate photos of the procedure in general?

Child watching with interest when about to receive a vaccination

A stock photo of a young child receiving a vaccination with an unusually large needle. At least the child is not crying!

We should never tell children “it won’t hurt.” It might hurt a tiny bit, like a sting, but it’s over so quickly and the health benefits are incredible. A snack, a balloon, a lolly, or a sticker can all help distract children from the sting, and many children don’t even feel that much!

Vaccination is not such a terrifying ordeal, and at the top of this article is a photo of two happy, healthy young ladies Miss C and Miss E, who have both just had their vaccinations, to show us. This is what vaccination normally looks like!

If you have any photos of vaccinations you would like the Alliance to share, email them to me! The more happy healthy photos we can put out there, the less media outlets will use old, outdated and incorrect photos in future.